After 19 years of ministering to inmates and ex-offenders, it goes without saying that there are many lives which the Lord has rescued.  We are blessed and honoured that the Lord has used us as His instruments to

minister to those in need.

This page records a few of the amazing changes which we have experienced. Our desire is to ensure that our Ministry is continually funded to an adequate level ensuring that we receive more and more great accounts.  

David Meir
ACMS Executive Director

In Tim's own words:

Tim says, "From prison visitation to ongoing community support, After Care Ministries has helped me to develop much needed friendships with other people within the church. Those friendships led to mutual encouragement and regular correction in habits, routines and thinking patterns. I still have issues ongoing since before my particular times of incarceration. It is all of the behavioural traits that are common to all peoples that combine to arrive, as God, Scripture and Paul wrote when Paul had stated that he is the worst of all Christians, which is where I would have described myself shortly after coming to After Care Ministries."

"During the time I was around After Care Ministries functions, we had regular church services where God’s Word was read and taught. After Care also facilitated two weekly bible study groups, one strictly male and one co-ed. We sometimes had music ministry and quite often, dinners together with sometimes more than twenty people in attendance. The ranges of people from different socio-economic levels was present, as well as folks like myself, social outcasts. I believe God was able to reach us in the time we shared and through the Holy Spirit.

I was also able to receive healing prayer thanks to the attention of one of the pastors who had been in After Care."

"At one time, they had also held Freedom Sessions and had facilitated that program also. During Freedom Sessions, God had started to make me more aware of himself. I have been blessed as during the time when I was going through some of the most painful aspects of my past, I was completing a home in a relatively remote area, which I now must sell as I can’t afford to keep it. It’s okay though. I know that wherever I wind up, whatever’s going on, I know God is with me and He will bring me through this, closer to Him."

An interview with Gary

Gary understands why so many people fail when the leave prison.

“It’s very, very difficult.” Said the 45-year-old who has been out of prison for just over a year and a half. “The lower you go…the more difficult it is to get back up,” added Gary, who didn’t want his actual name used. “Everything you do affects everything else.”

With little or no money, few job prospects and a suitcase filled with bad habits, many ex-offenders begin taking chances, eventually break the law and end up back in jail, he explained.

Fortunately, Gary, said, he had a place to go after he left prison thanks to Calgary’s After-Care Ministries.  The interdenominational Christian organisation helps people leaving the penal system successfully reintegrate into society without offending again.

“It’s great,” Gary related.  “It gives a person an opportunity to start fresh.”


Gary, who spent much of his life working as a roughneck and house painter, ended up in jail after breaking into his ex-wife’s home and assaulting her.  His first run-in with the law, Gary was sentenced to six months in jail. While in prison, he encountered After-Care during one of its weekly visits to the Calgary Correctional Centre (Spy Hill).

 “They offered me this place when I got out,” Gary said of the three-bedroom apartment in northwest Calgary that he continues to share with two other men.  After-Care also introduced Gary to Jesus Christ, a relationship he now cherishes.

“I have a lot more peace, that’s for sure,” he said.


After-Care is not limited to helping those who have left prison. It further ministers to inmates who may be inside for a long-time by visiting them regularly and leading Bible studies.

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We may have changed part of the names mentioned to respect the privacy of both victim and perpetrator related to testimonies provided.