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There are a lot of things that don't mix

Science can be pretty scary sometimes, but it does reveal some simple principles of the environment, day-to-day events which have a simple result but can be a complicated process. The simple (!) answer? their molecules are packed differently… OK, what is a molecule? it’s the same as a human, we are packed differently. It’s what make us. Same thing.

There are lots of things that don’t mix - whether we like it or not the stigma of race will always be with us, people don’t mix the way that God intended. Ever tried to put a tiger with a deer? Lions and Hyenas…Bears and Wolves…Elephant and a Rhinoceros… it’s an inbuilt dislike or hatred based on territory or superiority. It’s the same with humans. Although if we are to believe in the end times, we will see the wolf and the lamb living together - Isaiah 11 v 6 - says the leopard and the baby goat will lie down, the calf will be safe from the lion…the baby will play with the cobra! Are you serious? If you are a believer that God made Heaven and Earth and that He sent His only Son to be sacrificed for our sin and that one day He will return to save us from ourselves…

Then, yes I am serious.

This an act of faith, a belief that - no matter what takes place - God created us and that Jesus is indeed the Son of God. Take some believing but that is available to us all - the whosoever. No-one is excluded unless we decide to exclude ourselves.

Faith is a decision. One which cannot always be connected to our daily walk. I have seen hundreds come to know that truth and continue to walk confidently with the Lord. Yesterday, I was listening to an inmate who leaves the institution in a few weeks, in fear of returning home. You would have thought that he would be celebrating his return but many cannot do it without some form of reality check. I have met many men who would not want to admit to being fearful, afraid.

I just wrote that Faith is a decision - Fear is not a decision, it is a feeling based on so called evidence or expectancies appearing real. it is simple and not always understood but F.E.A.R. False Expectancies Appearing Real. It is a thought, it will be a word that someone threw in that you’ve picked up on, it is an experience that seemed to never go away. Invariably it will not be based on truth, but here say. Whether you acknowledge that the enemy, satan, the devil, evil intent is real or not that will conjure up thoughts which can escalate to a damaging level. It cannot be allowed to continue, it is as unhealthy as a virus or disease. It must not get a foothold in our Psyche.

It is like the principle of oil and water. Faith and Fear cannot operate at the same time. Yes, we are human - we will have uncertainty but my bible says that Perfect love casts out all fear - 1 John 4 v 18. A few verses earlier it realates to God is love and if we love Him and He loves us then fear can have no place. The very reason that it was written nu the Apostle John is because God is aware of our feelings and the circumstances that we find ourselves in. He understands.

Yes, I am aware that talk is cheap and that it cannot just wash away doubts and fears. Faith is a process of building confidence. From the very moment we have faith, there is an amazing development of confidence as we are rewarded with an answer to our needs. God is affirming Himself and our faith in Him to help us to get through this time and believe that we can get through any future issues with His guidance and our trust in Him.

The main reason why oil and water do not mix is that they are made differently. We have all been created uniquely and told that God will not test us or give us anything more than we can handle. It’s all about trust and if we look back at the times that we have worried needlessly, we should be able to get through any situation - with His help.


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