Understand God

So, this week was a special event in the Scientist’s calendar with the total eclipse of the sun. Of course,it is a major event in the history of mankind but one that seems to fascinate us. We glean every word from the people who know about these things and they seemed to be the kings and queens of knowledge. Who taught them?

Events which shake our understanding of the universe are more regular than we think. One thing that may prove that NASA, or any other major Scientific enterprise, don’t actually know all the things that we think they do. 2 special probes were sent out - yes, there are many called ‘special’- 40 years ago this week. In 1977, Spacecrafts Voyager 1 and 2 were sent out within days of each other. One has travelled 20 billion miles and the other 17 billion! They were sent on a Grand Tour of the Solar system. At the time, they considered their life span to be 20 years - well, they were wrong!! By 100% at least and that maybe more because because they are still going. Consider your job prospects if you were 100% wrong, you wouldn’t be in a job too long.

This seems to show that science is not an exact field. They are continually finding out more everyday. There is a thing called Evolution which scientists are continually pushing on to us but they forget about Creation. Science is evolving not God’s unique plan. They are constantly moving from the earth being 300 billion years old to 250 billion to whatever number that they can think of next to support their theories regarding life. They are certain that their is life on other planets. Just a little question on the writer’s part - Have we found any after 40 years of evidence from the Voyagers probes? Who taught them?

There is proof, apparently that as the earth continues to warm up then many countries including the Netherlands, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Myanmar & parts of China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and many more. Apparently, a voyager has set sail to SAIL to the North Pole. Pen Hadow is using 2 yachts to get there. I wonder how the first explorers would think of that today?

Indeed, what about a famous UK explorer, Sir Randolph Feinnes, who was the first man ever to circumnavigate the earth from the South pole to the North Pole. The depth and extent of the snow was enough for him to lose many of his fingers and toes through the harshness of the conditions and temperature. He defied the direction of the scientists who said that he would never succeed. They were proven wrong. Who taught them?

Along with Tsunamis, amazingly devastating wildfires, record breaking hurricanes & tornadoes, goodness knows how many exceptional weather and flood patterns which have decimated vast segments of the Earth. It seems as though man is constantly surprised by these events and are unable to forecast or explain why they took place. The truth is that God has spoken in His word that he has built a New Heaven and a New Earth because the old existing one will die. scientists will not give any credence to a Loving God, a Heavenly Father who has created us but they constantly babble on about a Big Bang which we are to believe has the intelligence to allow every one of the unique characteristics of our body or the diversity of the land masses or the amazing life which emanates from every animal or species in the food chain, at the very least.

So, let’s look at the answer to the question we have asked 3 times already - Who taught them? - I believe it to be only themselves, ensuring that if they throw enough clever phrases with long enough Latin or Scientific jargon that they will convince us that God never had a part to play. Their life or their death is of no value to God as the whole nature of the universe is still revolving and we are finding out new aspects all the time.

Every News organisation in the world resorts to asking academics and so called scientific experts for an explanation to every aspect of what takes place on the planet. If they stick together in their protective groups they can maintain their superiority over the masses and explain away their inadequate theories as expected results as they need to research more.

If we are to understand God, we need to know Him and what His motives are for us. He created us to enjoy the life and the earth that He gave to us. It is no longer His, it is ours. He gave Adam dominion over the birds of the air and all the animals which we see. Every event which takes place on earth is a part of His miraculous creation. The sooner man recognises how much He loves us to create such unbelievable detail and purpose, the better we will recognize that when the Scientists expose some new theory that God knew it all along and He will reveal all of it before we meet with Jesus on His return.