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So, someone comes to the door and wants to inspect your home. Are you happy to let him in to every room? or are there some spots you haven’t cleaned up yet? You don’t have any time to go and tidy up or cover something that you are not happy about. OK, you let them in but you hope they don’t spot anything.

My Father worked for the Gas company and he read meters. In the UK, the meter was inside because they were coin operated. He had to empty the meter and he could assess pretty well how much SHOULD have been in against how much was. When I became a Christian, he had long since retired but still related his experience of reading meters over 15 years. His advice to me - as a staunch non-believer - was to be honest. He told me how Christians were hypocrites and he saw many things which were not acceptable. People who called themselves Christians hid behind the walls of their houses and did what no one else would see, he recounted. They cheated on their meters, even the richer people. He saw things that made him bitter towards the Church or believers in general.

We should be thankful that my Father wasn’t God, the Judge of our lives!! Amen? This week’s discussion point is Step 5 in the 12 step programme. Last week we took an inventory of our lives, good and bad. Now, we need to deal with what we listed. The analogy of the house is relevant, as we have corners of our lives which we keep hidden in the hope that no one notices them. God, the righteous Judge sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, full of compassion and forgiveness to shine a light on those corners. He will NEVER expose us, He will NEVER make fools of us, He will NEVER reveal those corners to anyone. He, gently, reveals His knowledge of them to us in order for us to speak to Him about them. If you have ever been in tis situation, you can confirm that when He knows He is able to remove the sting of the experience or the sin without anymore pain.

We all go through struggles.....

Sometimes, the issue is a small one that took place many years before that we never felt we could deal with. There are others, which were pretty horrible and painful which we are resistant to open up. He knows. That is our salvation. I liken it to a balloon, the balloon of our lives if you wish which have no outlet. More air is being pumped in. Eventually, it is going to burst and the effects could be hurtful. The time has come to decided - stop the air and release some of what’s in to give us breathing space, time to relax.

This step is “We admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.” This can only be done when we feel confident of our circumstances and that we trust the person who has directed us toward Jesus. The time has come - a time that we knew was coming - when we could have the burden of the sin, the corner of the room exposed. That person at the door is the Lord Jesus Christ, who will NEVER expose us, He will NEVER make fools of us, He will NEVER reveal those corners to anyone. Do you believe that?

An admission of a guilt or sin or the acknowledgement of action we took or didn’t take will change your life forever. I recall the day in 1986, when I felt bewildered, in a daze because my past and my feelings where nudging me that I couldn’t trust what had happened to me. However, I truly knew what I had received - forgiveness for my sin, forgiveness for wrongs from a forgiving Saviour. Man had led me to believe, but it took me to take the next step. If you have a trusted person in your life, who can lead you to know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8 v 32), the relief which comes will be real. 30 years later, I have ministered to hundreds and seen Jesus change their lives, like he did mine.

A loving Father....

He is a righteous Judge, one who came to reveal the true nature of His Father to us. A Father of love, a Father who brought salvation to a world which was living a life of their own making and not a Godly life which will transform your thinking and your future. No human can judge your life no matter how powerful, how rich or influential or close to you. My own Father lived many years paralysed, both physically and spiritually, with his negative views of people in their own homes. I am convinced that I will meet him again in God’s house, a home built by Jesus where no hypocrites or sin or sickness will live.