There is always more behind any story of the birth of a program, a business or a ministry and After-Care Ministries Society is no different.  It came from a desire to see lives changed.  Ken Cromer and his wife, Dori knew that they faced a need to help.  How could they support inmates who had found themselves incarcerated to build their lives back again?

Ken had a difficult childhood with an alcoholic Father.  He understood the

difficulties of addiction and Lord came in his teenage years - ‘My life turned

around, I became a different person.’  He joined a church and embraced

the ministry of Youth for Christ.  Ken was determined to see lives changed,

none more so than his Father (who gave His life to the Lord in 1983).



He has travelled to the U.S.A. to Spokane, Washington but he always

focused on those in trouble or the addicted. His travels took him to

Colombia and the South Pacific with senior roles with Wycliffe Bible

Translators.  In 1993, he found himself back in Calgary, where he was

introduced into Prison ministry by a Major in the Salvation Army. He

saw many change their lives for the Lord and Ken was bitten… 



So started the origins of our Ministry and in 1997 ACMS was birthed. We will be developing a testimony page which will cover lives which have been transformed by Jesus through a simple faith and a desire to meet the need.  Mother Theresa of Calcutta was told that her efforts were not having a material effect on the millions in a sea of trouble, answered - ‘I would rather be a drop in the ocean than no drop at all!’


The ministry has the same DNA today that was nurtured by Ken & Dori.  After a change at the helm in 2006 when Ken passed the mantel onto Pastor Jim Atkinson, ACMS has as many challenges today as it ever had.  Sadly, the Corrections service has had to grow larger, more modernised and sophisticated to cope with the ever changing impact of Addictions battling against the rights of the individual. 


The good news is that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever… Hebrews 13 v 8