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Dave Heynen

Board Chairman

Hi, my name is David Heynen. Let me take a moment of your time to introduce myself.

I am married to Cheryl and enjoy being the father of two special daughters, Ciara (20 years) and Ashley (18 years). I currently attend Calvary Grace Church and have been very involved with music, worship and leadership with the body of Christ over the years. For over twenty years, I have my own business as a residential and commercial painter. Once a week, I teach a few piano, guitar and voice students from my home.

About fifteen years ago, I became a volunteer with After Care Ministries and  became more involved over the years as a board member. I love sharing the Word of God and His Gospel. In particular, to the incarcerated who come to the Spy Hill Chapel services. This is my second time as Chairmen of the board.  I am already enjoying the relationship with our newly acquired director, David Meir.

We are privileged to enter a tremendous mission field for the spread of the gospel and the building up of the saints. Each week we go into chapel, introduce ourselves to the guys, sing a praise and worship songs and, immediately, open God’s Word. His Word is the instrument that opens hearts and minds to the truth of our sinful condition. In addition to His providence of forgiveness through Jesus Christ, His suffering, death and resurrection. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a living testimony to God’s grace and power as His truth brings repentance and faith to those who are called to Christ.

Over the years we have handed out thousands of New Testament Bibles and, rarely, does a man leave the chapel who doesn’t take one with him. These bibles are also a means of future contact as they contain the contact details of the After-Care office.

We covet your prayers. We need more people who especially love the Word of God and desire to see prisoners set free and then grow in their knowledge of the truth and live as Godly men in Christ by the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. Please join us in this ministry as volunteers, as praying partners, as leaders, as financial supporters...

We have been given an open door to minister at Calgary Corrections Centre and Calgary Remand Centre. We believe God will bless His Word as He has proclaimed. We love Jesus Christ, His truth, and especially ministering to incarcerated. I trust that you will consider partnering with us as After Care gives prisoners what they need most - the life transforming truth that is found only in God's Word.

I am honoured and privileged to introduce my board colleagues…


Peter Olurundimu

Vice Chair

I am married and live in Calgary.  My main desire is to bring people to Christ through His great Commission.  I was born in Nigeria and the Lord has brought me to the country for a great purpose.  In the several years that I have worked with After-Care, we have seen many lives changed.  My business role is Director of Operations of a cIty recycling company.  I visit the remand centre as well as enjoy influencing the ministry through my Board role.


Denise Michaud


As you can see I am a grandmother!  A love for children, a love for people, a love for life.  As a trained nurse and ESL instructor, my desire is to encourage and mentor young girls towards a life with Jesus Christ.  After-Care is the perfect place for me to develop those desires.  I support the ministry in it’s quest to add youth and female programmes to the visitation programmes in Corrections and Remand. I speak French and Spanish.


John Hiscox


I grew up in SW Ontario. In my twenties, many of my friends ended up in Jail.  It had a profound effect upon me as like them, I made some bad decisions which led to a despairing plea to the Lord to ‘fix me!’.  The Lord gave me back my life, my passion was to help others.  I could see them struggling those to get back to a life of hope and freedom. He restored my relationships - especially with my parents.  Matthew 11 v 28 is proof to me that Jesus lives and restores lives.  My specific role within After-Care is to lead the team of volunteers at the Calgary Remand Centre.  I host a meeting on Saturday evenings with ex-offenders.


Ron Summach


I am married and retired but very active in church and non-profit programs.  We have been part of the ACMS donor base from the beginning.  Acting as secretary for the last 2 years.  As ACMS grows, I look forward to working with new members.  People need Christ more than ever before.  " . . .  The harvest is ready."  It is exciting to see people turn to Jesus and observe the amazing changes in their lives.