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After-Care Ministries Society is a not-for-profit charity ministry that exists for the purpose of assisting offenders and ex-offenders find meaning and purpose in life through Christ. We work in the prisons to share this life recovery message of hope, and assist in their transition from prison to society. Our networking with other entities allows us to provide chapel services, fellowship, mentoring and shepherding. We focus on a 12-Step Recovery Program based fully on Christ.

Check out the exciting things happening in our most recent newsletter, and the ways and means for you to be involved with our ministry through prayer and financial support. Several funding projects are highlighted for you to get involved with as well.


Chaplain Mike Thompson, Calgary Correctional Centre

"As part of a correctional program team, my duties as Chaplain include delivering spiritual solutions to prisoners searching for alternatives to their destructive life patterns. Without the help of volunteer groups, this responsibility would be increasingly difficult.


During the past several months it has been my pleasure to work with volunteers from After-Care Ministries. I have found them to be positive, engaging and dedicated, and always open to the needs and requests of the groups they are ministering to.


Additionally, I am grateful for the resources made available to them for distribution to the offenders, a duty which they perform with dignity and respect."


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Make a Difference


We rely on support from people like you to create sustainable change in the Calgary area. By having a steady flow of donations from our generous donors, we are able to focus on what matters the most which is helping our community. Your gift has the ability of helping thousands of people at once, so start making a difference in the world today.



Media Publications

You can find us in the most recent print of the City Light News, that has been serving the Christian community with news and information since 1987.

Former Executive Director David Meir has been featured in an article that puts a spotlight on ACMS and the work we are doing in the community at the Calgary Corrections Centre and Calgary Remand Centre.

Click here to see our article highlighting ACMS

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